When it comes to being in touch with the issues facing the people of Alabama and effectively serving them, the state legislature stands unrivaled.

Given the chaos in D.C., the lack of direction from government agencies, and Joe Biden’s blatant ignorance, the responsibility falls solely on state governments to restore order, protect our rights, and uphold our Alabama values.

As we are less than 24 hours away from the 2024 legislative session, it is clear that the very essence of what it means to be an Alabamian is under siege.

The Senate Republican Caucus has been hard at work preparing well-thought-out, effective legislation to defend the people of Alabama. Guided by the core values that define our great state, we have laid the groundwork for a legislative session that is as robust as necessary.

At the root of the crusade against the foundation of our republic lies the integrity of the electoral process. Interference with our elections is a national issue threatening the integrity of our elections and eroding the confidence of our voters. Here in Alabama, we refuse to stand by while political ploys allow for election manipulation and deter voters from exercising their rights. We are taking steps to elevate the seriousness of voter fraud because in a state that values hard work, accountability, and truth, one stolen election is one too many.

It is not just at the ballot box — there is a regime against truth on all fronts in America.

In education, it disguises itself under the idea of promoting diversity, but these ideologies seek to indoctrinate our children with divisive rhetoric to undermine individual merit and equal opportunity. DEI has transformed institutions into activist arms for the American left. It is in our schools, workplaces, and communities sowing seeds of discrimination and exclusion that must be rooted out.

Parents, too, find themselves on the front lines of a battle for their children’s innocence and safety. From libraries to the digital realm, radically charged propaganda is targeting our most precious population. Our children have access to technology like never before, and we must equip our parents with the resources to protect their children. We will declare our children’s freedom from social and political agendas this legislative session.

But what is freedom without opportunity?

Parents must be put back in the driver’s seat of their children’s education. A school’s role is to unlock a student’s potential, not limit it based solely on a zip code. School choice is about breaking down barriers and ensuring every child can access an education that best fits their learning style and individual needs.

The same could be said about providing opportunities for the workforce.

Led by Governor Ivey, the Lt. Gov’s 21st-Century Workforce Commission, and the Speaker’s Commission on Labor Participation and Workforce Development, we are committed to prioritizing a comprehensive legislative package to shape the future of Alabama’s labor force and economy.

Senate Republicans want to free Alabamians from the barriers keeping them on the sidelines of the workforce and restricting them in financial uncertainty.

To counteract the financial burden of Joe Biden’s reckless policies, we will ease the tax burden on Alabama families and small businesses. Biden has taken a big enough bite out of your wallet, and we will continue to fight to keep money in your pocket.

Our priorities are simple: defend Alabama and demand that our government protect our rights.

This session, we are bound and determined to alleviate runaway inflation while continuing to stop dangerous radical leftist policies from taking root in Alabama. Senate Republicans remain unified in protecting our freedoms and constitutional rights, advocating for family values and parents’ rights, promoting job growth and labor force participation, and stopping the radical ideologies threatening our way of life.