FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 27, 2024

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — The Alabama Senate today voted to continue to preserve the right of Alabamians to choose their energy source when it comes to appliances.

Senator Gerald Allen’s Senate Bill 50 will prohibit government entities from restricting a person or other entity from acquiring or using an appliance-based solely on the type of energy or energy generation used to operate the appliance.

“Energy policy has turned into a political battleground, with cities in other states pushing for complete bans on specific fuels used in energy production to stop the use of natural gas and other utilities,” said Senator Allen. “This bill ensures those policies never take root in Alabama and protects homeowners, businesses, and industries who rely on gas appliances.”

The Alabama Legislature has long protected the right for Alabamians to have energy options.

In 2021, the State Legislature overwhelmingly passed legislation restricting governmental entities from adopting policies prohibiting the use of certain utilities (HB 446 passed the Senate 29-1). The bill did not address appliances specifically.

Senator Allen’s legislation further defends Alabamians’ rights by ensuring no resolution, ordinance, regulation, rule, code, program, or policy can be enforced based solely on energy when pertaining to appliances.

“Alabamians love gas appliances because they are safe, affordable, and reliable. Natural gas, sourced safely right here in America, increases our energy security and will be protected in Alabama,” said Senator Allen. “By passing this bill, Alabamians will continue to have access to all affordable and reliable energy sources.”