FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 29, 2024 

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — The Alabama Senate affirmed its commitment to supporting families and upholding its pro-life values with the passage of Senate Bill 62 today. The bill, sponsored by Senator Arthur Orr (R-Decatur), would eliminate the state’s 4% sales tax on certain maternity, baby, formula, and menstrual hygiene products.

“For Alabama to truly embody its pro-life values, it’s irrational for the state to impose taxes on families with young children and babies, especially on essential products specific to one gender,” said Senator Orr. “Our vote on the Senate floor today marked a significant step toward Alabama’s ability to foster a culture that prioritizes the well-being of families.”

When enacted, the legislation would exempt baby formula, baby bottles, baby wipes, breast milk pumping equipment, breast pumps, diapers, maternity clothing, and menstrual hygiene products from state taxes.

“Alabama is a pro-life state, and Senate Republicans are committed to protecting the sanctity of life,” said Senator Weaver. “Through this legislation, we will continue to support life beyond birth and lay the foundation of building strong families, from conception through every stage of life.”

By removing financial barriers to accessing essential products, Senate Republicans are leading the charge to build stronger, healthier communities across the state.

“Our work to make Alabama the most pro-life state is not done,” said Senator Hovey. “There is nothing more important than Alabama families; we must find ways to support them.”

The bill is co-sponsored by Senators Sessions, Livingston, Allen, Gudger, Hovey, Kitchens, Givhan, Price, Chesteen, Singleton, Williams, Weaver, Butler, Stutts, Roberts, Shelnutt, Jones, Coleman, Hatcher, Coleman-Madison, Beasley, Kelley, Stewart and Bell.

This bipartisan effort reflects the Alabama Senate’s recognition of the importance of supporting families.