MONTGOMERY, Ala. – State Senator Del Marsh (R-Anniston) today introduced SB140 – legislation that would create the Parents’ Choice Program. Senator Marsh has been a staunch advocate for education and the betterment of Alabama students throughout his tenure in the Senate, fighting for progress within the state’s education system.

“For too long, we have let Alabama’s schools continue to rank among the worst educational institutions in the nation. Students in this state deserve a quality education that best fits them, and it’s time we allow parents to truly have control over their children’s education,” said Marsh. “Unfortunately, we have failed our students and parents in the past, and we have yet to deliver any meaningful solution. I am working persistently to do my part by proposing impactful legislation that many parents have voiced their support for, and I urge these parents to do their part by picking up the phone to call their state representatives so that their interests and concerns are heard.”

This legislation would allow for the implementation of education savings accounts in which parents can keep their portion of education tax dollars to spend on alternative schooling for their children. If enacted and once fully enforced by the 2024-25 school year, the bill would provide state funding, which is now about $5,560, to any K-12 students regardless of their financial status. This would include public, private, and homeschooled students.

“Opponents wrongfully claim that this bill takes money away from education when it’s doing the exact opposite. Not a dime is removed from education,” Marsh said. “The Parents’ Choice Act removes money out of the hands of bureaucrats and into the hands of parents with children.

“The state’s future is on the line if we don’t do something now about education. Not only will our students suffer, but the economic opportunity and progress we’ve seen statewide will diminish,” continued Marsh. “I hope lawmakers will decide to take this next step for the future of our children and state. It is our responsibility as leaders to provide students with the resources, tools, and opportunity to help prepare them for success. These children are Alabama’s future, and that future will be brighter than we can imagine if we give them the fair chance to expand and enhance their knowledge and abilities.”

SB140 was filed in the Senate on Tuesday, February 1, and was referred to the Senate Committee on Education Policy.